Fortnightly rubbish collections

Supporting Lambeth’s residents from street level households to reduce their waste and protect the environment 

If you need a larger bin 

Most households will have enough room for their rubbish in the standard bin provided by the council. However, some households produce more waste due to having:  

  • Five or more members  
  • Small children using disposable nappies  
  • People who produce bulky medical waste such as incontinence nappies  

These households can apply for a larger bin

If you have the wrong size or number of bins  

The standard provision for a house that contains one household is a 140-litre black rubbish bin, a 240-litre green bin for dry mixed recycling, and an outdoor food waste bin with 5-litre kitchen caddy. 

For houses that are divided into more than one household, each household is entitled to 120 litres for rubbish. So, for example, a house divided into two flats would share a 240-litre black bin, and a house divided into three flats would share a 360-litre bin.

If you think you have the wrong bins for your rubbish, please let us know by emailing with your address, the number of households, and the current number and size of bins. 

We’ll respond within 20 working days to let you know if you’re entitled to any additional capacity.     

To help you work out which bins you have, the approximate sizes are:   

  • 140-litre bins: Width 48cm, height 105cm, depth 56cm   
  • 240-litre bins: Width 57cm, height 105cm, depth 74cm   
  • 360-litre bins: Width 60cm, height 109cm, depth 87cm