Street cleaning

We pick up litter on every street in Lambeth every week. Some busy streets have litter cleared every day.

Litter clearing on your street

You can check the next litter clearing day for your street on our waste services page. All you need to do is enter your address. You'll also be able to see your bin collection days.

Check your next litter clearing day

Help keep your street clean

Use your bins properly

Make sure your rubbish is inside your wheelie bin.

Rubbish and recycling bags that are left on the pavement are often ripped open by animals and cause litter.

If you do not have enough room in your bins, you may be able to get a larger bin.

Report street cleaning problems

Please do not try to clean up rubbish on the street, as it could be dangerous. You should not touch it, hide it, let anyone else touch it or put it in a bin.

You can help keep your street clean by reporting street cleaning problems, including:

  • litter
  • fly-tipping
  • sex waste, such as condoms
  • drug waste, such as needles or syringes
  • blood
  • dead animal
  • road traffic accident
  • dog mess

Report a street cleaning problem