Shared mobility in Lambeth

Shared mobility aims to optimise the use of transport resources to reduce congestion, lower emissions and use kerbside space more efficiently.

It encompasses various modes of transport including:

  • Car Clubs or Car Sharing: Allows people to rent vehicles in Lambeth for short periods, often by the hour or minute. Car sharing services provide access to a fleet of vehicles, cars, vans or mopeds and reduces the need for private car ownership.
  • Bike Sharing: Provides access to bicycles for active travel trips where users can rent cycles from various operators and return them at designated locations. These can either be schemes with dedicated docking station infrastructure, such as Transport for London’s Santander Cycles hire scheme, or dockless hire where users rent cycles via the smartphone app of an operator who runs a service. Bike sharing programmes aim to promote active travel and reduce traffic congestion.
  • E-Scooter Sharing: Similar to bike sharing but with electric scooters. Users can rent scooters for short trips, typically through a smartphone app.

Shared mobility is supported by Lambeth as it provides residents with access to forms of sustainable mobility if they do not have storage space, enables active travel and contributes towards our Climate Action Plan target of reducing vehicle miles by 27% by 2030.

Types of shared mobility