Railton Low Traffic Neighbourhood Stage One Monitoring Report

A report on the impact of the Railton Low Traffic neighbourhood. This stage one report is part of our continuous monitoring of the scheme.

Next steps

A summary of the next steps in the Railton Low Traffic Neighbourhood trial scheme.

The scheme moved from a temporary basis to a trial basis under an Experimental Traffic Order from 18 January 2021.

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Over the next few months we will continue to gather data that will be published in our Stage two review as set out in our Monitoring Strategy.

You can share your comments via email lowtrafficneighbourhoods@lambeth.gov.uk.

Specific objections to the Experimental Traffic Order should be directed to lowtrafficneighbourhoods@lambeth.gov.uk including the grounds for objection.


Stage one


Stage two

During the 6 months following the start of the trial period, we will conduct a full round of traffic, air quality and community feedback monitoring. At this stage, we would expect to see a high level of compliance at traffic filter locations. This can give us an accurate reflection of how an LTN area is performing against the objectives, accounting for the effect of external factors.

Stage three

Within 18 months of implementation, the monitored area should see an overall reduction of motor vehicle movements, when considering boundary roads and the inner area together. We would expect to be developing and delivering public realm improvements that enhance the benefits of reduced traffic volumes.