Knight’s Hill By-Election 2024

The Knights By-Election took place on Thursday 2 May 2024 to determine the local government Councillor in the Knight’s Hill ward.

Important dates

Publication of notices of electionTuesday 26 March
Delivery of candidate nomination papersFrom 9:30am, Tuesday 26 March 
Close of nominations4pm, Friday 5 April
Publication of statement of persons nominated By 4pm, Monday 8 April
Poll cards are sent outFrom Thursday 11 April
Deadline for receiving new applications for registration Midnight, Tuesday 16 April
Deadline for receiving new postal and postal proxy voting applications and for making changes to existing postal and proxy votes5pm, Wednesday 17 April
Deadline for receiving new proxy voting applications (not postal proxy or emergency proxies)5pm, Wednesday 24 April
Deadline for receiving new Voter Authority Certificate applications5pm, Wednesday 24 April
Emergency proxy voting applications on the basis of medical, employment or Voter ID related reasons can be madeFrom 5pm Wednesday 24 April
First date that electors can apply for a replacement lost or spoilt postal ballotFriday 26 April
Polling day for the Knight’s Hill by-election7am – 10pm, Thursday 2 May
Deadline for applying for replacement postal ballots and for making emergency proxy applications5pm, Thursday 2 May
Deadline for receiving applications for a Temporary Voter Authority Certificate10pm, Thursday 2 May
Election verification and count takes placeFriday 3 May – Saturday 4 May