Cost of Living VCFS Small Grants Fund 2024

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The council’s borough plan, Lambeth 2030: Our Future, Our Lambeth, is guiding the work across council services and partnerships to ensure the we focus on the priorities of the borough’s residents. 

It has 3 interlinked ambitions which are connected by a ‘golden thread’, with a relentless focus on ensuring Lambeth is a borough of equity and justice. The council’s support for residents through the continuing cost of living crisis aligns with this aim, setting out a range of support for residents who have been hardest hit. 

Following engagement with residents and Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector (VCFS) organisations, we understand that whilst inflation is easing, many of the borough’s residents feel that they are in a cost of living crisis. In response to this we have announced a Cost of Living Crisis Response Plan 2024/25. 

We recognise the ongoing contribution of the VCFS in providing cost of living related support to Lambeth residents most impacted by the crisis. We know that grassroots VCFS organisations are uniquely placed to identify the complex needs of residents, and to design and lead initiatives that reduce the impact of the cost of living crisis for our local communities, such as the warm spaces pilot in 2022/23. We also acknowledge that much of our local VCFS organisations have seen a considerable increase in demand for their services from residents requiring support with the cost of living. 

The council is committed to strengthening our partnerships with our local VCFS who deliver, or want to deliver, cost of living related support to Lambeth residents to reduce the impact of the cost of living crisis. 

This years’ cost of living Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector (VCFS) Small Grants Fund will run until 31 March 2025.