Play streets

Play Streets allow residents to temporarily close their street to traffic so that children can play safely on their doorstep.

Play Streets benefit everyone by: 

  • encouraging children to be more active,
  • bringing neighbours and the community together, and
  • promoting our commitment to improving air quality.

Setting up a Play Street won't cost you a thing. You can close your street for up to three hours a day for play, no more than once a week in any single street.

It is recommended that Play Streets take place during daylight hours. The street won’t be closed completely, people living on the street can still drive to and from their homes at walking pace. 

For more information on how Play Streets work, see Play Streets useful information.

Before you apply

It is important you consult with residents and local businesses that may be affected by your Play Street to gather their views and understand any concerns. 

You must give official notification to all neighbours of your intention to hold a Play Street using our template consultation letter (DOCX 32.64KB), with a deadline for them to respond.

As part of your application, you will have to provide evidence of resident support and any objections using our resident support and objections petition template (PDF 71KB).

You will also need to complete a risk assessment, recording any potential risks and controls to be put in place for your Play Street sessions. A template risk assessment is available on the Playing Out website.

Please also check that the road is not traffic sensitive and not a bus route.

How to apply

Apply for a Play Street order

Completed applications for Play Streets should be received at least 12 weeks before the proposed date of the first Play Street session. Please ensure you submit your application before the period deadline.

First session falls between Submit application by
1 Jan - 31 Mar 1 Oct
1 Apr - 30 Jun 1 Jan
1 Jul - 30 Sep 1 Apr
1 Oct - 31 Dec 1 Jul

If your application is successful, we will write to inform you that your Play Street can go ahead.

You will need a Traffic Management Order (TMO) allowing you to close your street on the proposed day and time. The council will handle the application of this free of charge.

Read our Play Streets terms and conditions.

Insurance and liability

It is strongly recommended that you obtain Public Liability Insurance from a reputable insurer for the period of the road closures. 

Under no circumstances will the council be held liable for any injury, loss or damage arising from the organisation of a Play Street session.

Preparing for your session

You may wish to publicise your Play Street session by distributing notices, posters, leaflets and flyers. We recommend keeping publicity within your own street and perhaps a few directly neighbouring streets.

You will need to recruit volunteers, or stewards, to help on the day. Stewards have an important role in managing cars in and out of the closed street, ensuring a safe Play Street session.

The council will provide road closure signs to use on each of the Play Street days, and high visibility vests for all volunteers.

Further information

For more information on Play Street, please visit:

For useful resources, please visit Playing Out's materials and resources page.

Contact us

Get in touch with us if you have a question relating to a Play Street or would like an update on an application you have submitted.

Contact the Play Streets Team