Register a death

Use this guide to help you when registering a death.

Where to register the death

If the person died in Lambeth, you should register the death with us.

If it is too distressing or not convenient for you to attend the Lambeth Register office to register the death, then you may go to any register office in England or Wales to register by 'death declaration'.

The registrar will record the relevant information and act as an intermediary, sending the details to Lambeth post. It will take up to 10 working days for Lambeth to receive your declaration. Lambeth will then register the death and will post out any certificates that you paid for.

If you require copies of the death certificate, please make a cheque or postal order payable to 'London Borough of Lambeth' for £11 for each certificate. You will need to provide this cheque to the local register office at the time of giving the details of the death. The registrar will then enclose this cheque with the information that is posted to Lambeth that is required to register the death.

For example, if the death occurred at St Thomas' Hospital but the relatives live in Sheffield, you will be able to provide the details of the death to the Register Office in Sheffield, along with a cheque or postal order that is made out to the 'London Borough of Lambeth'. Sheffield Register Office will then post the details of the death and the cheque to Lambeth Register Office. Lambeth Register Office will register the death and post the certificate and additional copies that they have received payment for.

As relatives often live in a different part of the country, it is not uncommon to register a death by declaration at the nearest register office. We advise that if you choose to make a declaration in a different borough, you will not be given any documentation at the time of the appointment. This is because the certificates can only be issued by the local authority who registers the death. This will lead to a delay in making funeral arrangements.