Charging points

Find your nearest electric vehicle charge point

Find your nearest charge point

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Charge points

There are different types of charge points available. All charge points are available on a pay-as-you-go basis, with cheaper tariffs available if you pay to join a charge point operator’s network.

To minimise street clutter, we have installed some of our street lights with charge points. These lower power charge points (3-5kw) are managed by Ubitricity and are well-suited to charging vehicles which will be parked for several hours or overnight. Street light charge points are our preferred solution for residential streets.

The borough has also installed more powerful 7kw charge points for those who need to charge their vehicles more quickly. These are operated by Charge Your Car.

Since 2018, we have installed over 20 rapid 43kw charge points that will be capable of recharging most electric vehicles in around 20 minutes. These will be open to all users but will be well-suited to taxis and other heavily-utilised commercial vehicles. We will be continuing this over the next few years, taking advantage of technical advances to make vehicle charging even quicker.

Due to concerns around health and safety we are not currently able to support the trailing of cables across the public highway to charge electric vehicles. We also ask that you take all due care and show consideration when charging your EV and take heed of the following Highway Code update: The Highway Code - EVCP Charging Update 

Our plans for more charge points

If you already own an electric vehicle, or are considering buying one, please let us know. This will help us plan where new charge points are best placed.

Whilst all requests will be considered, applications confirming actual or imminent ownership, and private hire vehicle usage, will be prioritised to create positive change for our residents and streets sooner.

If you have a Blue Badge number and a disabled bay, please let us know when completing the form.

As part of our efforts to improve air quality and facilitate the switch to cleaner vehicles, we have committed to install over 350 charge points by 2024. We aimed for every household with no access to off-street parking to be within a five-minute walk of their nearest charge point - this is now a reality.

We plan to install more charge points in our streets in 2023, along with beginning the process of making our Electric Vehicle Charge Point bays dedicated for Electric Vehicle use only, with all bays scheduled to be marked in the first half of 2023.

Considering buying an electric vehicle?

The Energy Savings Trust has useful information for residents and businesses considering buying an electric vehicle, including guidance on the grants available from central government.

Installing a charge point at home

If you have your own off-street parking you can access government grants to help pay for the installation of your own chargepoint. Visit the Energy Savings Trust website for up-to-date information on home-charger grants. The vast majority of people will not need to apply to the council for planning permission to install a home charger as the law allows chargepoints to be installed, altered or replaced in areas of off-street parking if:

  • they are not within 2 metres of the highway
  • ‘upstands’ (e.g. bollards) do not exceed 2.3 metres in height, or 0.2 cubic metres if wall-mounted
  • they are not within a site designated as a scheduled monument, or within the curtilage ( “an area of land attached to a house and forming one enclosure with it”) of a listed building - for clarification on the curtilage of any listed building within Lambeth please e-mail with the address of the property and a clear illustration showing the location of the proposed charging point
  • there is not more than one upstand for each parking space