Please read the terms and conditions for parking in pay and display bays.


You will be unable to use Pay and Display machines to pay for your parking from 1 September 2019. Please use Pay by Phone or Pay Point to pay for your parking.

Pay and display machines in Lambeth accept most British coins, and some machines are also able to process payments by debit or credit card. Please check the machine for information on which payment methods are available.

Our pay and display machines don’t give change so please make sure you only pay for the amount of time that you’re planning to park.

You can make an additional payment to extend your parking stay as long as your parking session doesn’t exceed the maximum time allowed for that location – please check the machines and signs for details on maximum stay periods.

If you park in a CPZ and there isn’t a Pay & Display machine available, you must purchase a ticket through Pay by Phone or PayPoint. You can book a parking session through Pay by Phone via phone, text or app. You can also still pay for your parking with cash using PayPoint. To find your closest two PayPoint locations, you can text CASH to 60075, and PayPoint will text back the details. Please note there is a 10p charge for this service.

How to display your ticket

Once you’ve bought a ticket, it must be displayed in the front windscreen of your vehicle with the time and date facing upward so that our Civil Enforcement Officers can see that the correct fee has been paid and that the ticket is valid.

Please note, you must park within the markings of the bay for the ticket to be valid.

The ticket must remain clearly displayed throughout the period where the vehicle is parked.

Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs)

If you have parked incorrectly, or you haven’t displayed valid ticket in your windscreen, you may incur a PCN.

The maximum charge for a PCN is currently £130, although there is a discount offered if the PCN is paid within 14 days of being issued. All terms and conditions are available on the PCN itself, along with information on how to pay or challenge the PCN.

Your vehicle may be removed after the issue of a penalty charge notice. The vehicles owner is liable to pay all fees incurred before it will be released.

As mentioned, you must park within the marked bays avoid getting a PCN, and you should always check that the bay you’re parking in is a pay and display or a shared use bay, which means that you can use a pay and display ticket to park or display a resident permit.

Charges do not apply on bank holidays – read more information about parking on bank holidays.

If a machine is broken, please use another machine in a nearby road or use pay by phone (020 7005 0055) as a broken machine will not prevent us from issuing a PCN if there isn’t a pay and display ticket in the windscreen of your vehicle.

To report a fault, please call: 020 7926 9000, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.


For times of parking restrictions, please refer to the time plate that will be adjacent to the parking bay. This signage will also direct you to the nearest pay and display machine that you should use or let you know what Pay By Phone code you need to enter to park in that bay.

Each pay and display ticket is only valid on the date and time issued.

It is an offence to transfer tickets between vehicles.

Blue Badges

Blue Badge holders:

  • are exempt from pay and display charges in Lambeth as long as the badge is clearly displayed in the front windscreen of the vehicle
  • can park in any bay, except a loading bay, for an unlimited period of time
  • can park safely on yellow lines for a maximum of three hours. The time clock must be clearly displayed in the front windscreen of the vehicle if you are parking on a yellow line.