Emission-based parking charges

To reduce carbon dioxide emissions and improve air quality, new emission-based parking charges were introduced on 30 May 2023, based on vehicles CO2 emissions.

A 2021 review by Imperial College showed that air pollution kills up to 4,100 people in London each year, with 2018 research by Oxford University highlighting that pollution from motor vehicles alone costs the NHS in London £605million a year in additional healthcare costs.

You will be charged according to the car tax band of your vehicle, which is based on the CO2 emissions it produces. 

These new charges are expected to help reduce the amount of motor vehicle usage in Lambeth. They will encourage sustainable alternatives, such as public transport, cycling and walking, whilst encouraging the use of less polluting vehicles within the borough.

These changes will support our Kerbside Strategy, Air Quality Action Plan and Climate Action Plan. These strategies will help us to become a net-zero compatible borough by 2030, reducing our carbon emissions to as close to neutral as possible.

Lambeth is changing our traffic order to:

  • amend the emissions banding structure for resident parking permits
  • introduce emission band charging for on street and off-street paid for parking
  • increase diesel surcharges for all permit types
  • increase resident and trader parking voucher charges.

We need to act now to protect our health and climate by reducing emissions from road transport.