Housing Estate Permit Parking (HEPP)

Charting the history of proposed Housing Estate Permit Parking (HEPP)

Phase 4 Statutory Consultation

What is happening in this area

We are undertaking the legal process to introduce parking controls on the following estates:

  • Bournevale Road Estate
  • Calidore Close Estate
  • Cherry Laurel Walk
  • Fitch Court
  • Gleneldon Road Estate
  • Lairdale Close Estate
  • Lanercost Road
  • Nuneham Estate
  • Palace Road Estate
  • Stanthorpe Close
  • The Glebe Estate
  • Virginia Walk

These changes are subject to a satisfactory response from the local community and consideration of formal objections.

Read the decision report which was published on 20 October 2023. 

What are the plans?

Following the council’s decision to proceed with introducing parking controls, the statutory consultation commenced on 19 January 2024 and will close on 26 February 2024.

See detailed plans for each estate: 

For more information, you can download our housing estate parking FAQs (PDF 193KB)

Share your views

Representations for and against the proposals must be made in writing to: 

Estate Parking Housing Services P.O. Box 80771 LONDON, SW2 9QQ 

or by email to estateparkingconsultations@lambeth.gov.uk quoting reference HEPP 4. 

Please submit your representations by no later than 26 February 2024.

If you have any enquiries, please telephone Lambeth Council’s Estate Parking Team on 020 7926 5450 or email us

What happens next

The results of the consultation, along with officers’ recommendations, will be presented in a report to the Cabinet Member for Better Homes and Reducing Homelessness. 

Once a decision is made, all consultees will be notified accordingly and the decision report will be published on this page.