Parking suspensions

Information on how to request parking suspensions in the borough of Lambeth.


Our fees and charges are subject to an annual review.

SuspensionsCurrent charge 2024/25 (£)
Suspensions (half day)32.12
Suspensions (per bay per day) 1 day53.47
Suspensions (per bay per day) 2-5 days 53.47
Long-duration suspension surcharge (6+ days)7.61
Admin fee91.82
Additional Admin charge to process suspension application at short notice 6 to 9 days notice 63.89
Express Admin charge to process suspension application at very short notice 2 to 5 day notice 145.23

* These fees are charged per space per day

Payment method

You can make payments via your suspension account online by credit or debit card. We do not accept payment by American Express.

Cheques should be made payable to ‘London Borough of Lambeth’. To enquire how to apply and pay by cheque email Please note that cheque payments may delay your application.

For filming suspensions, payment is processed by the Lambeth Film Office.


  • A half day suspension is from midnight to midday.
  • A full day suspension is from midnight to midnight.
  • Any break in the suspension will be treated as a new suspension request and a new administration fee will be payable.
  • Extensions to suspensions are treated as new applications. All fees, including the notice period you provide, will apply, so carefully consider the suspension duration required when first applying.
  • For early terminations, a refund may be arranged for the remaining days after the date we're notified. The administration fee is not refundable.