Parking suspensions

Information on how to request parking suspensions in the borough of Lambeth.

The parking suspension process

Suspending multiple roads

Parking bays can only be suspended within Controlled Parking Zones. If you require a suspension on multiple roads, you will need to submit each road as a separate application.

Track your application

The easiest way to keep track of your application is by logging into your online account on Lambeth's Parking Suspension Portal.

Suspending the approved area

When a parking suspension request has been approved we will suspend the area requested, or equivalent nearby area, and notify our enforcement contractor.

Warning notices will be put up approximately three days before the start of the suspension. We cannot guarantee that the area will be kept clear. 

Notify us of vehicles using the suspension

Enter the applicable vehicle registration numbers that will be parked in your suspension via your online suspension account.

Vehicles parked in the suspended bay which are not included on this application are liable to receive a Penalty Charge Notice and may be removed.

Any Penalty Charge Notices issued before the vehicle registration number details have been entered will be upheld, so it’s important you provide us with this information as soon as possible.

Notify us of unauthorised vehicles using the suspension

If unauthorised vehicles are parked in a suspended bay you can report them to us online, or phone 079 6862 3713 during working hours.

Amending details of a request

Amendments to an existing suspension cannot be made. Any amendments required are treated as a new application. All fees, including the notice period you provide, will apply, so carefully consider the suspension duration required when first applying.

If any amendments result in you requiring a refund, we will ensure it is automatically issued within five working days, provided you give us sufficient advance notice that these changes don’t suit your requirements.