Parking suspensions

Information on how to request parking suspensions in the borough of Lambeth.

Notice periods

We try to offer our customers as much flexibility as we can when arranging a parking suspension in the borough of Lambeth. Please refer to the table below, which details the notification periods required to book a suspension with us.

Short Notice and Express Short Notice suspensions can't be guaranteed and are subject to availability. They also cannot be used for the skip or renovations option.

Suspension type Notification period required to book  
Standard Suspension request (including placing a skip on the highway) 10+ working days’ notice  
Short Notice Suspension request 6-9 working days’ notice  
Express Short Notice request 2-5 working days’ notice  

When booking a suspension, the online system will always give you the earliest available dates a suspension can be booked for. If the dates you require are greyed out, this means you cannot book a suspension within that time period and alternative dates will need to be selected.