Check your bin collection day

Find out which day we collect your waste.

We normally collect all your waste and clear your street of litter on the same day.

The weekly collection includes:

Check your collection day

Leave your bin:

  • out by 6am on your collection day (unless you live in a timed collection area)
  • where it can be seen easily
  • at the front of your property

We will not collect your bin if it:

  • is not left for collection at the front of your property
  • contains waste that should be in a different bin
  • is over-filled and the lid does not close

Check the rules for collection of each of your bins to make sure we're able to collect them.

Timed collection areas

Five of our town centres have timed collection areas. If you live in one of these, you can only put your waste out at set times on your collection days.

Bank holiday collections

Our collections do not change on most bank holidays.

This year, over the 2023-24 festive period, your collection day will change. 

If you live in a kerbside property with a wheelie bin, see below how the festive period may alter your regular collection dates:

Usual collection dateChristmas collection date
Monday 25 DecemberTuesday 26 December
Tuesday 26 DecemberWednesday 27 December
Wednesday 27 DecemberThursday 28 December
Thursday 28 DecemberFriday 29 December
Friday 29 DecemberSaturday 30 December
Monday 1 JanuaryTuesday 2 January
Tuesday 2 JanuaryWednesday 3 January
Wednesday 3 JanuaryThursday 4 January
Thursday 4 JanuaryFriday 5 January
Friday 5 JanuarySaturday 6 January

Collections will resume as normal from Monday 8 January 2024. 

Please make sure to return your bin to within the boundaries of your property as soon as possible after collection to make way for other pavement users.