Report a highway issue

If you see a highway issue, you can report it to the council and we will arrange for it to be repaired.

Issues you can report

The highway issues reporting webform contains a list of 56 issues that have been organized in categories.   

To report an issue, you will first need to select a category that best describes the issue.  For example, to report a pothole, select the ‘Road and pavement surfaces’ category and then select 'Report a pothole' from the displayed dropdown menu.

The issues and their categories are listed in the table below: 

Highway issues listed by category
Category Issues that you can report
Road Markings, Signs & Lines
  • Bus lane road markings
  • Bus lane signs missing or damaged
  • Bus stop cage road markings
  • Controlled, pedestrian & restricted zone signs damaged
  • Controlled, pedestrian & restricted zone signs missing
  • Faded white road markings
  • Hatch yellow box junction road markings              
  • Loading bay parking markings
  • Loading restriction kerb markings
  • LTN signs
  • Parking bay markings
  • Parking signs damaged
  • Parking signs Missing
  • School keep clear road markings
  • Waiting or loading restriction signs damaged
  • Waiting or loading restriction signs missing
  • Weight restriction signs
  • Yellow Line (Double & Single) Road Markings
  • Bollard damage
  • Bollard request
CCTV Issues
  • CCTV issues
Disabled parking bay
  • Disabled bay removal
  • Disabled bay request
Blocked drains & manholes
  • Blocked drains
  • Manhole cover
Missing gully cover
  • Missing gully cover
Illuminated sign
  • Exposed wires
  • Illuminated sign damaged
  • Illuminated sign flickering
  • Illuminated sign knock down
  • Illuminated sign on during day
  • Illuminated sign out
Non-Illuminated Sign 
  • Non-Illuminated sign damaged
  • Non-Illuminated sign knock down
  • Non-Illuminated sign missing
  • Non-Illuminated sign visibility
Railing Damage
  • Railing damage
Road and pavement surface issues
  • Carriageway defect
  • Footway defect
  • Kerb damage
  • Pothole
  • Zebra crossing Defect
  • Footway obstruction
  • Road obstruction
  • Section of street light is out
  • Street light damaged
  • Street light flickering
  • Street light knock down
  • Streetlight on during day
  • Streetlight out
Traffic Cameras
  • Traffic camera damage
  • Traffic camera issue
Traffic Lights
  • Temp traffic lights problem
  • Traffic light defect
  • Traffic light location
  • Traffic light pedestrian crossing