Report a highway issue

If you see a highway issue, you can report it to the council and we will arrange for it to be repaired.

You can now report highway issues online, for the Lambeth Borough area.   Use the button below to access the highway issue reporting webform to report an issue.  It takes about 2 minutes to complete and submit.

All highway issues reported online, will be sent to Lambeth Council, TFL (for managed red routes and roads with red lines in Lambeth) or the appropriate authority, depending on where the issue is located.

Reporting an issue

Before you start

The highway issues reporting webform contains a list of 56 issues, that have been organized in categories.  

You will need to locate the exact position of a highway issue using the map on the webform or a non-map based address lookup.  If you have any visual impairments or use a screen reader, then we would recommend using the address lookup.

Reporting an issue using our highways issues webform

You can report an issue directly using the highways issues reporting webform. 

Report a highway issue using a webform 

Reporting an issue using your mylambeth account

Report an issue using your mylambeth account, so that you can view the enquiries you have submitted.

Report a highway issue using your 'mylambeth' account 

Other ways to report a highways issue

Reporting a highway issue online is easier, quicker and saves money, which can be used to improve services.

However, you can also report an issue by phone using the following details:
Lambeth Council call 020 7926 9000
Transport for London (TfL) call on 0845 305 1234