Community Connections Fund projects in and around Stockwell

Thriving Stockwell

Organisation: Stockwell Partnership & Stockwell Being Primary Care Network

Ward: Stockwell East

Location: The project will operate mainly in Stockwell East and Stockwell West and Larkhall, with some activity in Oval.  

Summary:  For the post of a Community Builder and development of two ‘Community Living Rooms’, with a website and a linked programme of health and wellbeing activities and events. To connect residents to each other and to local services. The Community Builder will support the development of the Thriving Stockwell network through supporting the development of connections and partnerships across the community. Whilst the ‘Community Living Rooms’ will work as part of a network of health and wellbeing venues and connected activities to support the neighbourhood in a holistic way. Services and sites across Stockwell will link with and support TS activities, enhancing their reach into the community. The venues will host open-door events, activities and groups themed around health and wellbeing. These activities will be shaped by the local community. 


Bringing communities together in Myatt’s Fields Park

Organisation: Myatt's Fields Park Project

Ward: Myatt’s Fields

Location: Myatt's Fields Park

Summary: “Myatt’s Field Park Project aims to provide training and mentoring to empower BAME communities to organise and deliver activities in Myatt's Fields Park. The support provided to individuals will include free use of park facilities and event equipment, mentoring, event management assistance, fundraising guidance, and progression support from a Community Engagement Manager. Through improving access to the park and encouraging activities, the project aims to improve community access to food, improve mental and physical health, improve community safety, and alleviate loneliness for older people, young people, and families.”


Many Voices

Organisation: Eritrean Saho Community Association

Ward: Stockwell East

Location: The Eritrean Saho Community Association, 13-15 Stockwell Rd

Summary: ESCA will create a digital hub in our newly renovated space in Stockwell with a studio for people of all ages to create and broadcast short films, podcasts, learn new skills and facilitate a voice for the community.

Service users of all ages and abilities will be able to work innovatively and collaboratively to create digital content to publish on various platforms to develop their digital skills and have a wide-reaching voice to celebrate cultural heritage, address discrimination and speak to marginalised and isolated people within the community. The organisation will also work to provide the wider community with opportunities to engage through providing content through interviews, sharing photos and memories. 

Community Climate Action Stockwell

Organisation: Root 'n' Branch CIC

Ward: Stockwell West & Larkhall

Location: Stockwell Centre and across the Stockwell West, Stockwell East & Larkhall Wards.

Summary: Working with the community to deliver a programme of activities in Stockwell engaging residents in a discussion on climate change, to demonstrate the impact they can have as individuals and make climate change a local issue that people can tackle together. The project will deliver pop-up events to provide practical tools and information on areas where people can make lifestyle changes, including water use, energy use, reuse and recycling, sustainable travel and air pollution. The project will work to will highlight some of the non-environmental benefits of adopting these behaviours such as saving money and improving health and wellbeing