Types of grants

Round 2 of the Community Connections Fund will allow applicants to apply for  Project Grants and Development Grants.

Project Grants - Up to £200,000 

Funding for specific projects or initiatives that have defined goals, timelines, and expected outcomes.   The funds are allocated to cover project-related expenses, including staffing, materials, equipment, and other necessary resources. 

You can apply for Project Grants of three different sizes: 

  • Small: £10,000 - £25,000
  • Medium: £25,000 - £100,000 
  • Large: £100,000 - £200,000 

For small grants the council will undertake due diligence to have confidence that the organisation or partnership can deliver the project up to the value requested. 

These grants can support: 

  • Physical projects, such as community space or public realm projects. 
  • Non-physical projects such as launching a new program, organising an event, conducting research, or implementing a community-based project.  

Development Grants - Up to £10,000 

Grants which support the capacity, infrastructure, and leadership capabilities of organisations, partnerships, groups and individuals. Supporting them to develop project proposals or deliver small projects.

Development Grants can support: 

  • Project Development: Develop and pilot innovative projects, programs, and initiatives.  
  • Project Delivery: Delivery of small projects which build the capacity and leadership capabilities of those involved. 
  • Capacity Building: Support to strengthen internal operations and enhance the ability to deliver impactful projects. 
  • Partnership Support:  Work which encourages connections, peer-to-peer support, networking events, and spaces for collaboration and partnership working