We’re introducing customer standards to ensure we provide good and consistent service.

How we asked you

We worked with community groups, councillors, and our staff. We ran public surveys and discussions. We have listened and are making a commitment to improve the service we offer by introducing six customer standards.

We launched a survey in January 2021. We wanted to find out whether customer standards were important to residents. You told us that they are important.

It was clear from many responses that we should get on and make the changes. Updates about how we are getting on are important to you but less of a priority.

What you told us

You want your contact with us to be easy and simple whichever route you choose. you want us to have the right information about you so that you only need to tell us once. You want to be confident that we follow the law and protect the information we have about you.

You want us to accept our mistakes and fix them as soon as we can. You want us to learn from your ideas and complaints to improve how we deliver services.

It’s about making our services inclusive and accessible to all our customers. It's about being open about what we do.

We have developed six standards to improve our service to you. The standards will apply across the council, wherever our staff are working. We will include our business partners and contractors. We will include services that have direct contact with our residents. Services that work in the background are also included.

What next

We have started to work with the following services:

  • Housing
  • Parking and Highways
  • Waste
  • Customer Service Centre
  • Registrars
  • Libraries

These have the most contact with residents and customers (visitors, businesses and students).