Demonstrating our behaviours

Here are some examples of how to address Lambeth’s core behaviours in your application. These are only suggested answers, and you don't have to conform exactly to the examples given below.

Focuses on People

Being approachable and showing empathy. Treating all people equally.

In my role as an XYZ officer, I was responsible for monitoring home care services. In this role, I would do monthly calls and visits to service users to find out if they were happy with the service. Where there were complaints I would always raise them with the provider to ensure that service users’ concerns were addressed. For example, one service user complained that her care workers were always late. I raised this with the agency so it was addressed; I also ensured that I followed up with the service user a month later to see if there had been an improvement. I now also carry out annual customer satisfaction surveys. This allows me to get feedback from our clients about the service they are receiving and make changes to the service that we provide.

Takes ownership

Taking ownership of my task, breaking it down, engaging with persons involved, and reflecting if there is a more efficient way of achieving it.

At XYZ Council, I was responsible for preparing the year-end accounts for the Social Care department. To achieve the required level of accuracy within the tight deadlines, I first met the chief accountant to discuss her requirements and understand the overall programme. I then organised a meeting with departmental staff to agree on objectives and understand key issues. This meant that any potential problems were addressed and resolved early, and we were the first department to close our accounts.

A particular issue in this project was the accountancy breakdown for Section 31 partnerships with the NHS. I obtained signed agreements and researched accounting standards through my professional contacts. I then verified with the chief accountant that this would meet required standards, and was able to arrange for the necessary accounting entries to take place in good time. The auditors were very satisfied with the papers provided in the audit.

Works collaboratively

Being a good team player, finding out what other colleagues do and working closely with them.

While working as an administrator at ABC I was responsible for setting up an outreach event targeting lone parents. My role involved meeting with other colleagues across the organisation, exchanging ideas and opinions and setting up a programme for the day. I booked the venue, clarified team roles and responsibilities and arranged for representatives from various teams to contribute on the actual day. I worked with departmental representatives to create marketing material and dispatch invites to our target audience.

The event was very successful and feedback received was positive. As a result of this, I have been asked to consider hosting a similar event on a quarterly basis.