Lambeth's behaviours

Lambeth’s core behaviours inform what we do and how we do it. They also provide a structured way of highlighting the skills Lambeth staff need to demonstrate, to be able to deliver quality services.

Our core behaviours are relevant to every role at Lambeth Council, and are as follows:

Focuses on People

Focuses on people is about considering the people who our work affects, internally and externally. It’s about treating people fairly and improving the lives of those we impact. Put people at the heart of our work, after all that’s our business. It’s about making our processes fit people.

Takes ownership

Takes ownership is about being proactive and owning our personal objectives. It’s about seizing opportunities, driving excellence, engaging with the council’s objectives, and furthering our professional development.

Works collaboratively

Works collaboratively is about helping each other, developing relationships, and understanding other people’s roles. It’s about working together with colleagues, partners, and customers to earn their respect and get the best results.

Communicate effectively

Communicates effectively is about how we talk, write and engage with others. It’s about using simple, clear, and open language to establish positive relationships with others. It’s also about how you listen and make yourself open to conversation.

Focuses on results

Focuses on results is about ambition and achievement. It’s about orienting ourselves towards the end product and considering the effect of our service. It’s about making the right impact, having the right result and changing things for the better

Our core behaviours are built into all of our human resources and organisational development processes and link our recruitment, probation, induction, learning and development and performance management processes.