Lambeth's behaviours

One Lambeth Values and Behaviours

Lambeth 2030 Borough Plan launched in April 2023 highlights our bold ambitions for the future of Lambeth’s communities and residents. To deliver on these ambitions, we need to drive culture change across the council. This change will be delivered through our One Lambeth Programme ensuring we are ‘connected by purpose.’ A shared set of values and behaviours that speaks to the vision and ambitions our Lambeth 2030 plan alongside other deliverables:

  • A new Council structure that aligns resources behind shared priorities and emphasises the importance of working together alongside our diverse communities.
  • Shared ways of working including on equity and justice, community engagement, service design, planning, delivery and governance.
  • An approach to developing our skills together that enables us rise to the challenges of our 2030 priorities, harnessing our talent at Lambeth and learning new ways of working.
  • Focused communications to help embed the “One Lambeth” approach, keep everyone up to date with changes and celebrate success stories that exemplify the new approach.




This means that we strive for equity and justice in everything we do. Everyone is important to us, and we are not afraid to challenge the status quo.


This means we are united in our ambitions for Lambeth and strive for excellence in everything we do.


This means we are respectful, trusting, and supportive of each other as One Lambeth team.


This means we make evidenced based decisions, take action and hold ourselves and each other to account to deliver our ambitions. We get the basics right.