English for Speakers of Other Languages support (ESOL)

ESOL courses and other support is offered by a wide range of learning providers and community groups across the borough. Courses are available for complete beginners (Entry Level 1) through to Level 2. Many of these courses are free of charge.

New courses and programmes are constantly being offered in Lambeth. To find more information about the time and details of the courses, please contact the organisations below:

Lambeth Adult Learning at Morley College

Tel: 07395 336 234

Email: community@morleycollege.ac.uk

Lambeth Adult Learning at High Trees

Tel: 0208 671 3132

Email: hello@high-trees.org

Lambeth Adult Learning at Ripe Learning

Tel: 0203 601 2212  / 0799 947 8185

Email: hello@ripelearning.com

Lambeth Adult Learning at MI Skills  Development Centre

Tel: 0207 501 6450

Email: training@micomputsolutions.co.uk

Lambeth Adult Learning at Thames Reach

Tel: 0207 702 4260

Email: enquiries@thamesreach.org.uk

Lambeth College

Tel: 020 7501 5010

Email: customerservices@lambethcollege.ac.uk 

Learning Unlimited

Tel: 07855 423995 

Email: sarah.sheldon@learningunlimited.co

English for Action

Tel: 07789 006248

Email: info@efalondon.org

Bay Tree Centre

Tel: 07432 738360

Email: margaret@baytreecentre.org.uk

Indoamerican Refugee Migrants Organisation (IRMO)

Tel : 0207 733 9977 / 07422 667327

Email: info@irmo.org.uk

South London Refugee Association

Tel: 0203 490 3443

Email: semsem@slr-a.org.uk

BBC Learn English online

These are free online courses for self-study

Alison Learn English online

These are free online courses for self-study

Lambeth Libraries also offer a range of ESOL support through our 10 branches across the borough. Please check your local branch for the most up-to-date details.

Libraries offer ESOL classes, English Conversation groups, ESOL books, books in community languages, dual language books for children under 5, and support with accessing information.