School Streets

Lambeth Council has introduced timed closures on streets around schools in the borough to make the journey to school safer for pupils.

School Streets restrict vehicle access to streets around schools in the borough during school drop-off and pick-up times.

School Streets operate during the school term during school term dates.  Some of the schemes are enforced by Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras.

Please note that the restrictions will continue to apply on inset days, strike days or any other irregular days within the school term time. 

The schemes aim to create safer and more pleasant environments outside of schools by prioritising pedestrians and cyclists and encouraging walking, cycling and scooting to school.

School Streets aim to:

  • reduce road danger at the school gates
  • tackle congestion
  • improve air quality
  • increase active travel to school 

Permanent School Streets

We currently have 24 permanent school streets within the borough, covering these 25 schools.  

  1. Archbishop Sumner Primary School, Reedworth Street, SE11 4PH
  2. Ashmole Primary School, Hanover Gardens, SW8 1NT
  3. Bonneville Primary School, Bonneville Gardens, SW4 9LB
  4. Elmgreen School Secondary School, Elmcourt Road, SE27 9BZ
  5. Elm wood Primary School, Carnac Street, Norwood, SE27 9RR
  6. Granton Primary School, Granton Road, SW16 5AN
  7. Henry Cavendish Primary School (Balham), Hydethorpe Road,  SW12 0JA
  8. Hitherfield Primary School, Leigham Vale, SW16 2JQ
  9. Immanuel & St Andrews C of E Primary School, Northanger Road, SW16 5SL
  10. Jessop Primary School, Lowden Road, SE24 0BJ
  11. Julian's Primary School (Streatham Site), Etherstone Road, SW16 2RB 
  12. Julian's Primary School (West Norwood Site), Wolfington Road, SE27 0JF
  13. Larkhall Primary School, Smedley Street, SW4 6PH
  14. Reay Primary School, Hackford Road, SW9 0EN
  15. Rosemead Preparatory School, Elmcourt Road, SE21 8HZ
  16. St John Angell Town Primary School, 85 Angell Road, SW9 7HH
  17. St Luke’s Primary School, Linton Grove, SE27 0DZ
  18. St Mary's RC Primary School, Crescent Lane, SW4 9QJ
  19. Stockwell Primary School, Stockwell Road, SW9 9TG
  20. Sunnyhill Primary School, Sunnyhill Road, SW16 2UW
  21. Telferscot Primary School, Telferscot Road, SW12 0HW
  22. Van Gogh Primary School (Mostyn Site), Cowley Road, SW9 6HF
  23. Van Gogh Primary School (Hackford Rd site), Hackford Road, Vassal, SW9 6HF (currently suspended)
  24. Walnut Tree Walk Primary School, Walnut Tree Walk, SE11 6DS
  25. Woodmansterne School, Stockport Road, SW16 5XE

Phase 4 School Streets

From 26 February 2024 five new School Streets have been implemented. Consultation will be undertaken for 6 months. 

To have your say, visit our Lambeth School Streets Expansion (Phase 4) consultation page. 

  1. Clapham Manor Primary School, Belmont Road, SW4 0BZ 
  2. Henry Fawcett Primary School, Bowling Green St, SE11 5BZ 
  3. Paxton Primary School, Woodland Road, SE19 1PA 
  4. St Mark's C of E Primary School, Harleyford Road, SE11 5SL 
  5. Wyvil Primary School, South Lambeth Road, SW8 2TJ

Phase 3 School Streets

From 13 November 2023 five new School Streets have been implemented. Consultation will be undertaken for 6 months.

To have your say, visit our Lambeth School Streets Expansion (Phase 3) consultation page.

  1. Allen Edwards Primary School, Studley Road, SW4 6RP
  2. Dunraven Primary School, Leigham Court Road, SW16 2LG
  3. Henry Cavendish Primary School (Streatham), Dingley Lane, SW16 1AU
  4. Loughborough Primary School, Minet Road, SW9 7UA
  5. Sudbourne Primary School, Mandrell Road, Brixton Hill, SW2 5EP

School Streets in 2023 and beyond

We are currently planning the rollout of more School Streets over the next few years. These will be trialled at all primary schools which have been deemed feasible in groups of five. More information will be added to this website when new School Streets are planned.