School Streets

Lambeth Council has introduced timed closures on streets around schools in the borough to make the journey to school safer for pupils.

Apply for an exemption online

You can apply for a School Street exemption if you need access to a School Street.

School street exemptions are only available to residents, businesses and Blue Badge holders who live/work within a school street or require access to the school during its hours of operation.

Who can use this service

You can apply for an exemption if you are a resident or a business within a school street, who requires access during its hours of operation


If you are a Blue Badge holder who requires access to the school street during its hours of operation


For residents and businesses exemptions the following proof is required:

  • You will need to provide copies of the vehicle registration document (V5/C) or valid insurance schedule, ensuring they are in the applicants name and registered at the address within the school street.
  • If you are hiring or leasing the vehicle we will need to see a copy of the signed hiring/leasing agreement. It must be on letter-headed paper and include the duration of the hire or lease period.
  • If you drive a company car you will need to provide:
    • a copy of the vehicle registration document (V5)
    • a signed letter (on letter-headed paper) from your company confirming your employment and that you are the keeper and user of the vehicle at the property address within the school street (must be dated within the last 3 months)
  • If you are a named driver but not the registered keeper, you will need to provide the insurance schedule naming yourself as a driver (this needs to be registered to the address within the school street).

For blue badge holder exemptions, the following proof is required:

  • Blue Badge (both sides)

If you fail to provide the correct proof/s, your application will be rejected.

Rules and guidance for a school street exemption

  • School street exemptions are virtual. Once you have submitted your application, it will be checked by our back office team.  Your exemption will be live once your application has been approved.  You will receive a confirmation email to confirm your application has been approved. 
  • School street exemptions can only be used for access only and not for parking your vehicle.
  • Blue badge holders can nominate up to two vehicles.
  • There are no restrictions to the amount of School street exemptions available to residents and businesses

Apply online

If you are a resident, business or a Blue badge holder for any other School street please apply online, you will need a:

  • valid email account
  • camera or camera phone.

When applying online we carry out a verification check of you at your property address, if successful you will not need to supply any further evidence.

If have you already have a Lambeth resident or a business permit, your application will automatically go through.  If not you will need to upload your logbook and evidence to be checked. 

Please allow up to 10 working days for evidence to be validated. Once payment has been made and your application approved, you will be exempt immediately.

If you find the page is not responding during the application please try a different internet browser.

If you experience any difficulties applying for a school streets permit please contact the Parking Team.

Apply for a School street exemption online

Changing a vehicle

You can change your exemption through your online account.

When you change your vehicle, you should immediately let us know. You will be able to change the vehicle on the exemption for a maximum of 3 times in a 12-month period from the date of your first application. You may be required to provide evidence when changing your vehicle and this proof must be provided within 30 days of applying.

Cancelling an exemption

You must inform the council

  • If you cease to reside at the property the exemption was issued for
  • if you sell or dispose of the vehicle the exemption was issued for 

Login to cancel your school street exemption

See School Streets exemption terms and conditions | Lambeth Council

If you require a reasonable adjustment as per the Equalities Act 2010 please contact us.