School Streets

Lambeth Council has introduced timed closures on streets around schools in the borough to make the journey to school safer for pupils.

School Streets FAQs

Am I eligible for exemption?

Eligible vehicles

Residents and businesses with vehicles registered to an address within a School Street closure zone and Blue Badge holders who require access, including Blue Badge holders of the school, are eligible to enter during the restricted times.

Emergency vehicles will be able to enter the School Street all times.

As children and families may be using the space in the road, Lambeth Council encourages eligible vehicles to enter and exit School Streets with caution and only where absolutely necessary to maintain safety, ensuring that vehicle volume and speed is kept to a minimum.

Vehicles that are not eligible

Motor vehicles that are not registered to an address within the School Street zone, including those driven by parents to drop-off or pick-up children at the school gates, taxis, delivery drivers and school staff will be restricted during these times.

Vehicles that are not eligible for exemption include:

  • Tradespeople
  • Contractors
  • Visitors
  • Parents and school staff
  • Delivery drivers
  • Drivers who do not live in the school street zone but who do have a local resident's parking permit

What if I'm already parked inside the School Street when it comes into operation? 

All vehicles already parked within the School Street closure zone before the times of operation can exit at any time

I'm a parent or carer, can I enter the School Street? 

No. Parents or carers dropping children at school will not be able to enter the School Street. You can only enter if you or your child are a Blue Badge holder. You will be able to walk, cycle or scoot to school in a more friendly and safe environment.

How long do School Street schemes last? 

New School Streets are initially introduced on a trial basis through an experimental traffic order. Experimental traffic orders are operational for up to 18 months and feedback and monitoring is carried out during the initial six month period.

Engagement captured in the first six months after a scheme has launched is used to assess how each School Street is working. These comments will be taken into consideration when deciding whether to make the schemes permanent.

Helping you to walk and cycle

If you can travel sustainably by walking or cycling, you can help to keep space on public transport and roads free for those who need it most.

For details of help we can offer for you to switch to more sustainable modes of travel please visit:

Who will be exempt from the school Street restrictions?

People walking, scooting, using wheelchairs, mobility scooters and cycles (including adapted cycles) are not restricted. All other motor vehicles are restricted during the operating times displayed on the signs, subject to the following exemptions: Residents and businesses within the School Street zone.

How can I apply?

Apply using the Lambeth council exemption system If you have obtained exemptions or vouchers using this system before, please log in.

If you have not previously used the system, please create an account.

Once you have logged into the system, select School Street Exemption or click the link above again.

How long will my exemption take to get approved?

Once your application has been approved, your exemption will be live and active from the start date selected. Reviewing your application or any uploaded evidence can take up to 10 working days, so please make sure you apply in advance.

Do I need to display anything in my vehicle?

No. School Street exemptions are virtual.

When should I apply?

You can apply if you are a residents or a business within a school street, who require access during its hours of operation.

You can apply if you are a Blue Badge holder who live within the school street or require access during its hours of operation.

If I apply for a school street exemption, can I drive my car on the same day I apply?

Your exemption must be approved before you drive through the restricted roads. Once your application has been approved you will receive an email and you can then access the school street.

I am having difficulty with my application, who can I ask for help?

Please call our exemption helpline on 020 7926 9000.

I am moving to a nearby location, can I use my current school street exemption from my previous address?

You will need to cancel your existing exemption and reapply using your new address.

I no longer have a need for my school street exemption, how can I cancel?

Please log into your online exemption account to cancel your exemption. Or you can call 020 7926 9000.

As a Blue Badge holder, do I need to apply for an exemption?

Yes. If you need access to a school street, you will need to apply for an exemption.

What is the cost of a school street exemption?

There is no cost.

What happens if I do not apply for an exemption?

If you drive through a school street during operating hours without a valid exemption, you may receive and Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

Can my school street exemption guarantee me a parking space outside my house?

No, this is an exemption and not a parking permit. It is not possible to guarantee anyone a particular space on the public highway.

Change of vehicle

If you need to change your vehicle, you will need to update your vehicle associated to the exemption via your online account.

You can change your vehicle for the exemption, a maximum of 3 times in a 12-month period from the date of your first application.  You may be required to provide evidence when changing your vehicle and this proof must be provided within 30 days of the application.