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Our commissioned services can offer support on how to keep safe if you or someone you know is experiencing VAWG

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Residents have told us how much they value Lambeth’s specialist VAWG support services and the importance of ‘safe spaces’ where they will be believed and provided with non-judgmental, holistic support to increase their safety.

Peer support and being able to speak to others who have experienced VAWG was also appreciated to help better understand the abuse and its impact.

Some residents with lived experience of VAWG also told us that they faced additional challenges, such as poverty, substance dependence, mental ill-health, homelessness, language barriers, having no recourse to public funds, or having contact within the criminal justice system. These impacted on their experiences of violence and abuse and created barriers to accessing services.

The Gaia Centre

The Gaia Centre (run by Refuge) provides confidential, non-judgmental, and independent support services for those living in Lambeth who are experiencing gender-based violence, including domestic abuse and sexual violence.

To contact the Gaia Centre:

The Gaia Centre is for anyone living in Lambeth who has experienced or is at risk of VAWG, including:

  • women, girls and non-binary people, aged 13 and over
  • men and men, aged 16 and over
  • young people of all genders from the age of 11, who have witnessed, experienced or have been impacted by domestic abuse
  • transgender people, and anyone who identifies as male, female, non-binary, as another gender, or is questioning their gender identity.

Everyone’s needs are unique and Gaia Centre staff will work with you to create a support plan that helps to keep you safe. You may need to:

  • talk to someone who understands what you are going through
  • get specialist support for you and your children
  • get help with contacting the police
  • move away from the area
  • access a refuge
  • find out how to keep safe at home
  • receive support if you are considering going to court
  • access legal advice
  • get help to manage your financial situation
  • find out about support networks in your community
  • get specialist support for your children
  • get support around tech abuse

The Gaia Centre offers the following services:

  • An independent gender-based violence advocacy (IGVA) team to support you if you are at risk of serious harm
  • A community outreach team
  • A specialist service for 13-17 year-old girls and non-binary people
  • A specialist early intervention support from the Lambeth Early Action Partnership (LEAP) with domestic abuse enhanced caseworkers, for any parent with an unborn child or a child who is 4 years and under, who lives in the 4 LEAP wards
  • A sanctuary scheme to help you remain safe in your home
  • Group support
  • A peer mentoring scheme to help break your isolation, to help build social networks and to support you while you regain control of your life
  • Volunteering opportunities - please email

The service is free to use and staffed by female members only. Children are welcome.

You can also access information in different languages:

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Africa Advocacy Foundation (AAF)

The Africa Advocacy Foundation (AAF) provides one-to-one advocacy, case work and counselling for those affected by and/or at risk of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) or cutting

They have FGM community champions and mentors who link into the community to support institutional advocacy and behaviour change.

Specialist training is provided to equip frontline professionals with skills to effectively work with FGM survivors, those at risk and their families

Contact the Africa Advocacy Foundation (AAF) by:

Women and Girls Network (WGN) Sexual Violence Helpline

The Women and Girls Network Sexual Violence Helpline offers free and confidential emotional support for anyone in London who self identifies as a woman (aged 14+), and has been affected by any form of sexual violence at any time in their lives.

Survivors can access the helpline as a one off or on an ongoing basis. When survivors call, helpline operators will believe them, never judge them, treat them with respect, honour their wishes and never tell them what to do.

The helpline also provides support to friends and family of survivors, as well as professionals, to help them understand how best to support survivors of sexual violence.

Call 0808 801 0770 (Monday to Friday 10am to 12.30pm and 2pm to 4pm. The helpline also provides out of hours support on Wednesday evenings, 6pm to 9pm)

Supporting family and friends experiencing abuse

Many of us know someone affected by domestic abuse but it can be hard to know how best to support them. Find out how to identify the signs of abuse on the Refuge website.

If you believe an adult or child is in immediate danger due to domestic abuse, call the police on 999.

Get advice on the Refuge website to support someone you care about who is experiencing domestic abuse.

Public safety

The safety of women and girls in public spaces is one of Lambeth’s priorities. If you are a resident, work in, or have visited the borough, let us know where you feel safe or unsafe using our Lambeth Safer Streets interactive map. Tell us why and suggest what we can do to help. Sharing your concerns and ideas will help us to make a safer borough for everyone.

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