Training and support

At Lambeth, we value our foster carers. We know it's not a 9 to 5 job and has its challenges as well as rewards.

We support our foster carers with:

  • a comprehensive training and development programme
  • regular support groups and meetings
  • a dedicated social worker
  • out of hours support from our team
  • social activities for your 'looked after' children
  • membership of a Lambeth foster carer support network
  • free events and social activities – see what makes Lambeth special.

Foster carers handbook

Visit the foster carers handbook for more information.


For any job role, having the right skills and knowledge is vital to be successful and fostering is no different.

At Lambeth, we're committed to providing our foster carers with a wide range of training and development opportunities so that they can be the best they can be, and handle any situation that they might encounter.

Training is offered at the start of your time with us through our induction programme, then on a regular basis.

Learning can be accessed in many ways, it could be:

  • in one of our buildings
  • one-on-one with your social worker
  • online.

Learning from others

As a Lambeth foster carer, you'll also have access to a local peer group so your personal development will be enhanced by sharing experiences with others and receiving mentoring from experienced carers.

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