Meet our foster carers

Foster carer hero Laura

Meet Laura

Laura, a Senior Social Worker by profession, became a foster carer around ten years ago to provide warmth and security for young boys aged over 11 years.
Foster carer hero Sarah

Meet Sarah

Sarah understands first-hand the challenges faced by children’s services in finding safe, loving homes for children in need.
Lambeth foster hero Alex

Meet Alex

Alex welcomed a 13-year-old girl into her home who became estranged from her parents as a result of COVID-19.
Michael and Michael sitting on a sofa

Meet Michael and Michael

Michael and Michael live in Clapham with their dog Andrew. They previously fostered for a private fostering agency, and when they decided to return to fostering, they chose Lambeth, because they wanted to give back to the community they live in. In these films, they describe their individual motivations for becoming foster carers, the challenges of fostering young children, and the impact that providing stability has on a child.
Jim and Kay sitting on a sofa

Meet Jim and Kay

Jim and Kay live in Kent and have been fostering for more than 11 years. They transferred to Lambeth from a private fostering agency. Their agency placed Lambeth children with them, and they soon realised this created another layer of red tape. They decided it made more sense to become foster carers for Lambeth and have been working with the council now for two years. In these films, they share their thoughts on how they approach their fostering role, the skills you need, the rewards and satisfactions, and why they would recommend fostering older children.
Doan smiling at home

Meet Doan

Doan is married and lives in Kennington. She has been fostering for Lambeth for 10 years and is passionate about the difference carers make to the lives of young people. 
Doan supports Lambeth's aim to grow our network of foster carers and works with us to support new foster carers by mentoring them. In these films, Doan describes various aspects of being a foster carer to teenaged children, including the challenges, satisfactions and the support she gets from her own children.