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If you're currently fostering through a private fostering agency and would like to move across to Lambeth, we'd love to hear from you. The first thing to do is call us and we'll talk through the process. It's very straightforward. There are a number of benefits from transferring over to foster directly with us.

We'll always place our children with our own carers wherever possible. Only in special circumstances do we use fostering agencies. It means that you have the best chance of getting placements and therefore, there is a reduced risk of you having long periods without a placement.

If you live in or are close to Lambeth it makes sense to work with us because we're right on your doorstep. It means if you need our support or help, we’re close by. Best of all, you’ll be making a real difference to your local community by helping Lambeth families in need.

If you're already a registered foster carer, the transfer process will be as smooth and simple as we can make it. And if you are already fostering a child for Lambeth, then we'll try to match your current agency rate for the duration of your current placement, even if this is more than our normal published allowances.

Emma and Gabi's story

"People who want to transfer from a private fostering agency to a local council, like Lambeth, sometimes assume that they need to go through the whole process again. This is not true," says Emma Selby from our fostering team. "We can make the whole transfer process quick and easy."

"We need foster carers to support children who need a wide variety of placements," Gabi from our fostering service explains.

Transferring to Lambeth from a private fostering agency has three clear benefits, as Emma explains in the video below:

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