Waste reduction

Preventing waste helps to reduce our environmental impact, conserve limited resources, and save money.

In the UK we waste 4.5 million tonnes of edible food every year, which is enough to fill 38 million wheelie bins. The average family of 4 can save just over £60 per month by reducing their food waste.

To reduce your food waste, you can:

  • buy what you need - check your cupboards and plan your meals
  • use what you buy - cook with your leftovers and use your freezer
  • make your food last longer by storing it in the right conditions - your fridge should be kept below 5 degrees centigrade to keep your food fresh

For more information on how you can reduce your food waste, save money, and for some recipe inspiration, visit WRAP’s Love Food Hate Waste website.

Some food waste is inevitable, so if you have a garden or have access to a community garden, Lambeth residents can get a discounted compost bin from as little as £13.50.

If your household is eligible, remember to recycle your food waste through our food waste collection service.