Waste reduction

Preventing waste helps to reduce our environmental impact, conserve limited resources, and save money.


There are some easy steps you can take towards reducing your packaging waste, which can also provide the added benefit of saving some money.

You can:

  • bring a reusable bottle or cup out with you so you don’t need to buy a single-use can, coffee cup or plastic bottle
  • take your food into work or school in a reusable tupperware to reduce single-use packaging - take leftovers from the night before for your lunch to reduce your food waste too
  • use beeswax wraps instead of using plastic wrap, film or foil - this can be cleaned and used over and over again
  • bring a reusable bag to the shop instead of using a single-use plastic bag
  • have your own set of reusable cutlery and straw on hand to avoid using single-use items