Waste reduction

Preventing waste helps to reduce our environmental impact, conserve limited resources, and save money.


In the UK, 336,000 tonnes of clothing end up being thrown in the bin every year.

To avoid turning your clothes into rubbish, you can:

  • donate clothing, shoes and accessories in good condition to your local charity shop or textiles bank
  • swap good quality clothes, shoes or accessories you no longer use with friends or family, or sell items online
  • repair, refashion or upcycle your old or damaged clothing - visit WRAP’s Love Your Clothes campaign website for repair and upcycling tips and information on how to reduce the environmental impact of your clothing
  • go to a mending meet up at the Library of Things to learn some repair techniques - you can also borrow equipment like a sewing machine, rather than buying one
  • take textiles in any condition to one of our Reuse and Recycling Centres - textiles collection banks are also placed in various locations across Lambeth