Cycle parking

Find out where you can park your bicycle and more about our cycle parking scheme.

There are several different types of cycle parking in Lambeth, including the on-street Bikehangar. Estates have their own type of cycle storage

We're committed to improving cycle storage for everyone. We want you to be able to take advantage of the benefits of cycling and understand that it's difficult to own a bicycle if you don't have a secure space to store it.

We run several different bicycle parking schemes, and we work closely with housing associations, estates and residents to improve bicycle parking across Lambeth.

Phase 5 cycle hangar maps 2021/22

Phase 6 cycle hangar maps 2022/23

Phase 7 cycle hangar maps 2023/24 (approved)

Phase 8 cycle hangar maps 2023/24 (approved)

Phase 9 cycle hangar maps 2024