Financial information

This section contains financial information including the Statement of Accounts, Pay Policy, Council Tax, Parking Account and expenditure over £500.

Social housing asset value

This data shows details of the value of social housing assets within the Councils Housing Revenue Account using specified value bands and postal sectors. It includes:

  • total number of homes
  • the aggregate value and mean value of the dwellings for both existing use value (social housing) and market value
  • percentage of homes that are vacant

The publication of this information is not intended to suggest that tenancies should end to realise the market value of properties.

The data includes both Market Values and Existing Use Values - Social Housing (EUV-SH). Existing Use Value-Social Housing is the valuation basis used for inclusion in Financial Statements for housing stock held for social housing.

The Existing Use Value can be obtained by taking the cost of buying a vacant dwelling of a similar type, and applying an adjustment factor of 25% to reflect that the property is used as social housing.

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