North Lambeth

Community Connections Fund projects in and around North Lambeth

Creating a safe community space: New perimeter fencing for Bolton Crescent inclusive playground

Organisation: Oasis Children’s Venture (Oasisplay)

Ward: Kennington

Location: Bolton Crescent Playground

Summary: The project is focused on helping Oasisplay to achieve their goal of creating a safe, outdoor space for disabled and non-disabled children to play, learn and grow together. This project will see the replacement of the existing fencing with a new, fit-for-purpose perimeter. To maximise the value of the project Oasis Children’s Venture will use the internal fence face to add new sensory equipment so that it not only provides a safe boundary but also becomes part of the play resources.


Training kitchen and community café

Organisation: Black Prince Trust (BPT)

Ward: Kennington   

Location: The Black Prince Community Hub 

Summary: This project aims to enhance the Black Prince Community Hub’s Kitchen with new equipment and a renovated café space. The primary purpose of the project is to establish a fully functioning and affordable community café to address the cost-of-living challenges faced by local residents while promoting inclusivity and healthy choices and lifestyles. BPT has partnered with Share Community, which provides catering and hospitality training to adults with learning difficulties, autism, and mental health needs. Students supported by staff will cook 100+ ready meals daily to distribute for free to the community through BPT Partners and a walk-in collection service. Share Community also aim to open a community café with employment pathways for students and affordable hot meals for the community, as well as cooking meals for BPT’s free School Holiday Programmes. 


Triangle adventure; play all year, all weather 

Organisation: The Triangle Adventure Playground Association 

Ward: Oval

Location: Triangle Adventure Playground 

Summary: The Triangle Adventure Playground Association work to provide 243 after school and holiday adventure play sessions yearly, offering children and young people a safe and stimulating environment to engage in creative and exploratory play. Through Community Connections funding, this academic year Triangle is providing 38 lunchtime play sessions for visiting schools, working to engage local schools, and new audiences of young people by providing creative and active play as part of their curriculum. The project will also actively recruit and train young people through the volunteer-to-playworker scheme. This scheme aims to empower local young adults by providing them with valuable skills and qualifications in the field of Playwork. Through comprehensive training and hands-on experience, these individuals will be equipped to become sessional playworkers.