Concourse vision

Design elements will bring the Rec’s public areas to life

The Rec’s public areas will be opened up and enhanced, with long views established through it, bringing the building’s social life to the foreground.

The Rec is a heritage-listed building, and new lighting will be chosen to complement its architecture. It is hoped that the building’s original sign can be restored, replacing the current signage.

Long view of Brixton Rec internal space

Long views will be created through the Rec

A ‘Wall of Fame’ along the ramp will celebrate the sporting achievements in the Rec, and a plaque on the stairs will commemorate historic events connected to the building.

New herb garden screen for the creche

New herb garden for the creche 

Ideas to use the concourse as an events and exhibition space

The concourse could be cleared to enable use for events and exhibitions

The proposals cater to the Rec’s existing tenants, with a new herb garden privacy screen for the creche and frames and lighting for photography centre Photofusion to hold outdoor exhibitions.

Community organisations will be engaged in testing different ways of using the concourse for public events.

View of events space

View of event space in the Rec  

Drawing of the herb garden

View of the creche herb garden