Inspired by the Rec

The plans are inspired by the Rec and celebrate its founding ideals as a place for different people to meet and mix

Through work by social historian Kelly Foster, muf found out how much of the Rec’s historical significance had gone undocumented. As part of the project, this history will be documented and put on public display. Proposals include a Wall of Fame of sportspeople who trained at the Rec, and a plaque on the Rec landing to commemorate key events, such as Nelson Mandela’s visit in 1996.

Archive images of people stood on the steps at Brixton Rec Centre

Crowd waiting to welcome Nelson Mandela during his visit to Brixton Recreation Centre. July 1996. Copyright Rhoda Webb.

The Rec is seen as a place for everyone, and the proposals seek to extend that ideal across the whole quarter. This will be done by improving public access to the building and the lines of sight through it, as well as creating a more welcoming public realm.

Proposed wall of fame celebrating local sporting achievements

Proposed Wall of Fame celebrating local sporting achievements

Drawing showing the wall of fame

 The Wall of Fame will run up the ramp entrance to the Rec