Meaningful change

We believe practical changes and repairs are more important than decoration

Our plans are guided by a determination to create meaningful improvements for people who live and work in Brixton. This means prioritising urgent repairs to structures and facilities over decoration.

The proposals have been developed with traders and other people who use the area today, and are intended to make the street work better for everyone.

For example, power supply for the market stalls may not be eye-catching but will help the stalls work much better. Tree planting will improve air quality and drainage. The new workplace on Beehive Place will help create jobs. The idea is to invest in the ‘nuts and bolts’, so that the streets and spaces work as best as they can, well into the future.

Drawing showing how market stalls might look

Power supply for the market stalls will help them to operate much better 

As well as power supply for stalls, urgent repairs to the road surface will make the area safer for pedestrians, and new lighting will improve security in the evenings and early mornings.

Fixing leaks from the Rec's walkway and stairs

Another important repair is waterproofing the Rec’s walkway and stairs, which are leaking water into the shops below on Brixton Station Road. Work is due to start on waterproofing gutters and joins, and retiling the stairs. After the works are complete, water with dye will be used to test how watertight the repairs are and if more fixes are needed.

During the works Tolu Fatogbe will be the main point of contact.

Tree planting and new power supplies will help market traders

This view shows how tree planting and power supplies for market traders will help to make the market a better destination for local people

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