Welcoming street

We want to enhance the social life of the street

Brixton Rec and Brixton Station Road Market are important to the area’s social and cultural life – they will be made more welcoming for a wider range of people.

New lighting of the Rec building will brighten Brixton Station Road and make it more welcoming at night.

Tree planting will bring nature to the street, and planting will be done in agreement with individual business owners. Trees were an important part of the Rec’s streetscape when it was originally designed. Damaged planters have already been removed.More places to sit and play are planned with changes to street furniture, while better signage will attract people to the market. Bike racks will also be relocated.

a parent and child on a bench surrounded by trees
a child sat on an unusually shaped bench with a gently angled back that forms part of a second spot that you could sit on
a child and a toddler sat on a log which is on a street that has been designed to encourage walking and playing

Examples of places for children and their carers that muf have designed

Diagram of the street showing some of the things people told us about it at night time

Some of the comments we received when we asked people how we might improve the social life of the street. View full size

 Front elevation showing proposed lighting improvements to the Rec

Proposed improvements to the lighting of the outside of the Rec will help to make the space more welcoming at nighttime

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