Making a complaint

We want to provide a good service to everyone that makes an application for redress but understand that things can occasionally go wrong. If this happens we want to know about it so that we can put it right and learn from our mistakes.

Some simple issues are best handled by contacting the person within the redress team that has been handling your application or by contacting the redress team at Most simple issues can be resolved quickly and easily by contacting us directly rather than through our complaints process which will take longer to respond to. If you have already contacted the redress team regarding your issue and this has not been resolved then you can make a complaint.

If you want to make a complaint about your experience of the redress process, you can submit a complaint to the council via our complaints pages.

If your complaint relates to a decision that has been communicated to you in relation to your redress application including the value of the Harm’s Way Payment or Individual Redress Payment that we offer you, you can make an appeal to the Independent Appeal Panel. For further details on how to appeal a decision on your redress application please refer to the information on our Appealing a decision page. You can also email us at to request information on how to make an appeal.

If you are legally represented and are not satisfied with how your solicitor has handled your case you should firstly complain to your solicitor. All solicitors have a process for handling complaints and will advise you of this. For further information on complaints involving solicitors The Law Society website provides some further information including how to escalate a complaint to the Legal Ombudsman.