Social value fund application themes

Sub themes

Housing and infrastructures

This means understanding impact of our working in areas such as housing availability, suitability, transport, and accessibility to key amenities.

Education and learning

Ensuring we understand the impact of our work on educational attainment life ling learning and skills development, increasing opportunities and aspirations and advancing equality.

Jobs, earning and businesses

Measuring how our work supports financial inclusion, good employment across the borough, promotes and grows a thriving local economy that advances equality.

Health and wellbeing

Supporting the wellbeing and residents and addressing both mental and physical health positively and increasing physical activity.

Relationships and family

Addressing loneliness and isolation by supporting stronger networks and relationships by increasing parent/carer capacity and improving the home environment.

Community and participation

Supporting resident belonging and local identity, promoting cultural, heritage, leisure facilities and supporting citizens to participate and effect change using active participation and inclusiveness.

Safety and justice

Ensure residents’ feel safe at home and in their community, promoting human rights and everybody’s right to freedom from abuse and slavery.

Environment and climate emergency

The impact of our work on saving and storing energy, sustainable consumption, reducing emissions and ensuring residents have access to clean, green neighbourhoods