TBrown Group

T Brown Group places significant emphasis on the Social Value commitments we make, to ensure that they offer the most benefit to the Lambeth communities within which we work.

Our SV commitments agreed with Lambeth range from employment, training, community support and sustainability. Since the contract commenced in July 2021, we have delivered on the following Community Support commitments which should help address issues in the borough:

  • Donation to MCS to fund their Leadership Pathway Programme, aimed at Digital Inclusion for the Black, Asian, and Multi Ethnic Disabled Community in all areas of Lambeth. MCS focuses on ‘ensuring that People living with disabilities in Lambeth and neighbouring boroughs are valued as important contributors to society.’
  • Donation to upCYCLE to assist them in the running of their bicycle maintenance workshops for young people from minority ethnic groups. They take second-hand bikes and upcycle them before donating them to charities like Voyage, a London-based social justice organisation that aims to empower marginalised young black and culturally diverse people.
  • Volunteering – Our Finance Director is also providing mentoring support to the founder of, upCYCLE supporting their move into social enterprise.
  • Tree Planting – Lambeth residents identified a lack of greenery in the borough, and through Lambeth’s contract, we commit £3,000 annually towards this objective to improve communities within Lambeth which not only helps the environment, minimises flood risks, and tree canopies can reduce heat exposure, it also contributes to better air quality.