What will be funded

We will fund:

  • The fund covers a wide array of areas; however, each application must demonstrate how they will contribute to the community and show clear outcome targets linked to fulfilling the council’s eight priorities as set out in the Societal Impact Framework.
  • Bids for environmental projects, including those linked to climate change and sustainability activities.
  • Projects on housing estates, including match-funding other projects on estates.
  • Non-commercial community event assistance.
  • Projects to improve and encourage the use of the parks and open spaces.
  • If money is requested to update a building, the group needs to own the building or rent/lease a Council owned building. The appropriate Build Control and Planning Permission must be in place.
  • We will accept applications for match-funding, but the award will only be issued when the other funding has been secured. However, we can issue a letter of intent that guarantees our match-funding if required.
  • Training and Equipment to support activities

We will not fund:

  • Activities that promote the adoption of a particular faith or religion.
  • Retrospective applications will not be accepted.
  • Projects in excess of 12 months duration
  • Projects where beneficiaries are not Lambeth residents.
  • Activities that promote or oppose any political parties or cause
  • Activities that create unmitigated adverse impact on any protected characteristics and where access may be restricted on the basis of any of those protected characteristics