Terms and conditions

  1. you must use the grant exclusively for the project that it was intended for
  2. you will keep receipts for all money spent from the awarded grant
  3. you will spend all of the money from awarded grant within 12 months of award.
  4. you must submit a written request to us for agreement before commencing with any variation or change to the project
  5. you will not use the grant to pay for any costs you have incurred before the date we confirm you will receive a grant
  6. you will write to us informing of any anticipated delay to the project resulting in up to three months delay of delivery or if a shorter delay will mean you cannot send a monitoring report on the project at an agreed time
  7. if you spend less than the whole grant on the project, you may be expected to return the unspent amount to us. You should write to us immediately when an under-spend is known in order for us to discuss options with you. You may not transfer any part of the grant or this Grant Agreement or any rights under it to another organisation or individual, unless we have entered into an agreement, authorised by us, requiring you to work with another organisation in delivering the project
  8. you will not sell, give away or borrow against any of project asset that we fund with an original purchase value of over £2,000 without first receiving our written consent. If any asset is damaged, destroyed or stolen you must also tell us in writing.
  9. you will be responsible for ensuring compliance with all relevant Acts of Parliament, Regulations and approved Codes of Practice.
  10. during the period of the grant you will act in a fair and open manner without any distinction as to race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation or disability, and in compliance with relevant UK legislation.

Your oganisation

  1. you must ensure that all members of your management committee, board of trustees or directors are aware of these terms and conditions while the Grant Agreement remains in force
  2. If your project involves work with children, young people or vulnerable adults (“vulnerable people”), you will take all reasonable steps to ensure their safety
  3. You will ensure your project is adequately insured at all times
  4. You will acknowledge your grant in your annual reports and accounts covering the period of the project

Statutory compliance documentation

Depending on the type of application you will be required to provide Lambeth Council with some or all of the following documents or proof of compliance, at least 2 weeks before commencement of the project.  We will tell you in the grant acceptance letter which documents are needed.

  • Public Liability Insurance to indemnify Lambeth Council through appropriate insurance cover against any and all third party claims that might arise through the delivery of the proposal, such cover to a minimum of £5 million.  (you should budget for this in your proposal) 
  • complete, detailed and documented Risk Assessments of the activities included in the application
  • incident and emergency procedures
  • health and Safety Policy
  • data protection policy and privacy notice
  • complaints procedure 
  • equalities statement
  • safeguarding policy (and completed CRB checks for staff working with children or vulnerable adults. CRBs cost £23 for standard and £40 for enhanced and should be budgeted for) 
  • Health and Safety (Covid-19 guidelines if applicable) 

Others to consider

  • performance licence is necessary for some forms of public entertainment
  • A Temporary Event Notice (TEN) is required for some forms of public entertainment  with less than 500 attendees.
  • caterers must comply with the Food and Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995 and the Food Safety (Temperature Control) Regulations 1995 and have registration with a Local Authority with their food hygiene rating of 3 or above