Engie's approach to delivering social value in the community

Buying locally

Engie are currently on track to exceed their target for the use of local businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises by more than double.

Hiring locally

Recruiting from the communities in which we operate, delivering social value through supporting those furthest from the labour market into employment, and ensuring the diversity of our workforce is representative of the local community.

Volunteering locally

Engie frequently provide volunteering hours for charitable causes. Whilst there have been challenges to spending time in the community over the last 18 months, Engie are now planning to contribute to Food Bank efforts over Christmas and engaging with various stakeholders to explore further opportunities. ENGIE have a long-standing commitment to volunteering in Lambeth, some examples of which are showcased below.

Annual December food bank volunteering

Engie encouraged office staff to get together to donate food for the whole of December for the local food bank; all Lambeth and Engie staff gave generously. Engie carried out voluntary work over two days for the food bank serving the Norwood and Brixton residents at the Brixton Tesco’s, collecting donations and having them driven by our Engie staff to the local church to be distributed to families in need.

Princes Trust

Engie supports the Princes Trust and provides young people work experience in facilities management. In this instance we interviewed young candidates aged 16 – 30 who were looking for work experience. A young man called Moyo was assigned to Lambeth Engie contract and during his time he work across all the service we were providing at the time which was Cleaning, security, Hard FM and Administration.