If you wish to reschedule your ceremony time, date, or both, a £50 administration fee will be incurred which will need to be paid at the point of rescheduling.

If a reschedule takes place and the new date or time is more expensive than your initial payment, the difference must be paid at the point of the reschedule.

Please note that the closer to the ceremony date that you decide you need to reschedule, the harder it will be to guarantee the date that you want. Please let us know as soon as possible.

If you do need to reschedule, please email us at quoting both parties’ full names, date and time of the ceremony, and the venue.

After handing in your notice you will not be able to change your venue.

If you need to change your venue after submitting your notice, please be aware that you will need to start the process of applying for notice again, which includes the waiting period of 28 days, or 70 days for those subject to immigration controls.


If you need to reschedule your notice appointment, please do so at the earliest opportunity by emailing quoting your full name and scheduled appointment time. Please note that you will not receive a reply from this inbox.

You will then need to go back online and arrange another appointment.