Taking care of a grave

The person named on the deed as the owner of exclusive right of burial has the responsibility to maintain the grave plot, including any memorials or plantings.

Any memorial not kept in good condition and deemed a risk or a hazard may be removed from the cemetery at your expense.

Memorials and plantings are confined to the area of the grave site, and there may be regulations particular to each cemetery or grave section also known as a 'square' or 'block' or 'section'.

Artificial flowers, plastic decoration, marble chippings and glass containers must not be used or placed anywhere in the grounds.

Vegetation from surrounding graves must not be removed without permission.

We reserve the right to remove any unauthorised items from any grave or memorial area.

Placing memorials on graves

You may need to wait until one year has passed after the burial before adding a memorial. This is to allow the earth to settle.

If the grave needs to be topped up with soil within a year of the last burial, please contact the relevant cemetery office who will organise this for you.

We can assist outside of a year for a grave top-up. This carries a fee, so please refer to our Bereavement Services fees and charges.

Arrange for us to tidy a grave

Bereavement Services can arrange to tidy a grave by appointment for a fee of £65.