Graves spaces can be purchased for immediate burials, and chambers are available to purchase for future use or for interment of ashes.

Services at our cemeteries

We can offer private graves for one or two interments at Lambeth or Streatham cemeteries.

Exclusive rights of burial can be purchased or increased in 25-year increments, to a maximum 100 years' lease at any one time.

Cremated remains graves and a dedicated children's area are also available at Lambeth Cemetery.

With beautiful trees, gardens and an abundance of wildlife, each cemetery provides a serene and dignified setting for you, your friends and family, to say goodbye to a loved one.

Natural burial funeral

Natural burials, or eco-friendly burials, are a simple and sustainable way to say goodbye to loved ones who wish for a more natural style of funeral, to minimise the environmental impact.

The coffin used is required to be biodegradable, and embalming is not permitted in the preparation for burial.

A new natural burial area is now available in Lambeth Cemetery for families to hold funerals.

Wildflower planting will be placed on the grave once the ground has settled, making it a peaceful place for family and friends to reflect on the life of their loved one.

Memorials will not be permitted on the graves.

For information on prices please visit Lambeth Bereavement Services fees and charges.

The cost includes exclusive right of burial for 24, 50 or 75-year tenure and the interment on the day.

These graves will be available for one interment.

Arranging a burial yourself 

It is both lawful and possible for you to arrange a burial yourself. All that is required is a death certificate signed by a doctor and a certificate of burial from the registrar.

If you wish to arrange a funeral or burial yourself, contact us for assistance or get advice from The Natural Death Centre.


We offer a variety of memorials for you to remember your loved one.

The Book of Remembrance is the most popular form of memorial, and we also have cremation plots, rose bushes and plaques.

View our memorials.

Here to help

Our offices are open from 9am to 2pm.

To discuss your requirements, please call us on 020 7926 4221 or email bereavementservices@lambeth.gov.uk.

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